Welcome to the Yorba Linda Spotlight Theater Company! Our mission is to help the young aspiring artists of Orange County develop their talents and have fun while doing it.  We are so excited to invite you to our beautiful, newly renovated studio for a class, lesson, camp or audition. Come perform with us!

“There are many amazing performers at Spotlight and I have learned so much from watching them over the years. The directors have really helped me with developing my acting skills.”

Alana Harrison

“Yorba Linda Spotlight was essentially what kindled my love for theatre in the first place. So I might not even be a performer today if it weren’t for them. So much of what I know about theatre is because of Spotlight.  Being in the shows and getting feedback about my performance from my directors has helped me learn a lot about acting. It has truly been such a great environment for me to learn and grow as a performer.”

Hannah Campbell