Spotlight on Noah Metchnikoff

How long have you been performing on stage? 10 years

What was your first show at Yorba Linda Spotlight? White Christmas

Why do you like performing in shows at Yorba Linda Spotlight? Because everyone working there is so nice and friendly and being able to meet new people is great.

What is your dream role? Evan Hanson or Jekyll/Hyde

Of the roles you’ve played, which has been your favorite? Eddie in 13. It was just a really fun role to play.

Has Spotlight helped you grow as a performer? If so, how? Yes, Spotlight has helped me grow as a performer. Because of the helpful directors and fellow actors, I feel more confident to try different things out of my comfort zone.

What do you like to do when you’re not performing? I like hanging with friends, messing around with music and playing games.

If you could choose a show for Spotlight to produce, what would it be and why? The Lion King would seem fun to produce with its artistic costumes and the emotional story. Plus I’ve always wanted to help in some way for a Disney show.

What are your strongest and weakest traits as a performer? My strongest trait is being able to connect with the character I play quickly. My weakest trait is holding on to my script as a crutch when in reality, I don’t need it.

Of Spotlight’s past shows, which was your favorite and why? 13 because with such a small cast, everyone felt like family and everyone there was excited to do their first show out of the pandemic.

Anything else you want to say? Everyone at Spotlight has been so nice and welcoming and it truly feels like a large family from show to show. Spotlight has helped me make a lot of new friends ever since my move.

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