Spotlight on Coral Stoner

How long have you been performing on stage? 8 years, I started in 3rd grade!

What was your first show at Yorba Linda Spotlight? My first show was Mary Poppins back in 2015!

Why do you like performing in shows at Yorba Linda Spotlight? I love the community that Spotlight has, and how professional yet fun the rehearsal process always is, and the shows always turn out so great!

What is your dream role? Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd!

Of the roles you’ve played, which has been your favorite? Definitely Maleficent or Veruca Salt!

Has Spotlight helped you grow as a performer? If so, how? Spotlight has supported me as a performer to consistently improve and try new things. I’ve done things and hit notes that I didn’t even know were possible just through the support that the casts and the staff members give me!

What do you like to do when you’re not performing? I spend a majority of my time doing art! I love doing graphic design and drawing, and pretty much anything in the area of the arts!

If you could choose a show for Spotlight to produce, what would it be and why? Sweeney Todd or Groundhog Day- the potential they would have would be awesome!

What are your strongest and weakest traits as a performer? I’d say my strongest trait as a performer is acting. It’s my favorite part of doing all of these shows and I always love looking into a new character and really putting the effort into making them the best I can be. My weakest trait would definitely have to be dancing. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a coordinated person, so certain types of dancing are totally difficult for me.

Of Spotlight’s past shows, which was your favorite and why? Definitely Side Show. It was such a fun and unique experience and everyone in the cast was super close- it was such an interesting and different show to do, it was so much fun!

Anything else you want to say? I’ve had so much fun performing with spotlight for the past 6 years! I’ve gotten so many opportunities and met so many amazing people, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

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