Spotlight on Alana Harrison

How long have you been performing on stage? I have been performing since I was 10 years old, my first show was Beauty and the Beast. Addams Family will be my 10th show at Spotlight.

What was your first show at Yorba Linda Spotlight? My first show at Spotlight was Beauty and the Beast, I was a villager. I watched all the older actors and I knew that I wanted to be like them one day. That show really started my love for musical theatre.

Why do you like performing in shows at Yorba Linda Spotlight? They are such a professional theatre company and always put on a top quality show. The directors are so supportive and they are awesome teachers. Whether you have a lead or supportive role the cast always encourages each other. I have learned something new from every show I’ve performed in. My confidence has grown as a performer and as a person. I have made so many great friends at Spotlight.

What is your dream role? That’s such a hard question because there are so many good roles out there. I would have to say Willard from Footloose, I love the song Mama Says. But if I’m being serious, Jenna from Waitress would be my dream role. She is such a complex character and it would be a challenging role.

Of the roles you’ve played, which has been your favorite? Definitely Wednesday Addams! I love the dynamics between all the Addams Family characters. The show is very funny and surprisingly sweet. Wednesday is relatable and a really fun character to play. I can’t wait to perform as her onstage! Another past favorite role was being a Storyteller in Once on this Island. Once on this Island was such a special story to tell.

Has Spotlight helped you grow as a performer? If so, how? Definitely! There are many amazing performers at Spotlight and I have learned so much from watching them over the years. The directors have really helped me with developing my acting skills.

What do you like to do when your not performing? I enjoy sketching and painting in my free time. Art is a strong passion of mine. I also play piano and write songs with my friends. I love going to shows, whether it be community theatre or touring productions. Like most teenagers, I am always hanging out with my friends.

If you could choose a show for Spotlight to produce, what would it be and why? I really like comedies, so I would choose Spelling Bee. I think that show is hilarious. Another one of my favorites is a well known classic, Les Miserables. It would be great if Spotlight could produce that one again.

What are your strongest and weakest traits as a performer? My weakest trait would be dancing. I’ve been taking more dance classes this year to improve my skills. The classes have definitely helped me and I’m a little more confident. My strongest trait would have to be singing. I’ve been taking voice lessons since I was 9 years old. Last year I started belting, and I’m working on developing that part of my voice.

 Of Spotlight’s past shows, which was your favorite and why? They are all special in their own way. The show that sticks out in my mind is Once on this Island. The cast was like one big happy family. Every performer really put their heart into the performance. Shrek was also a really fun show with nonstop energy. Every rehearsal was like one big party. 😉

Anything else you want to say? I want to say a big THANK YOU to Spotlight! Thank you for the amazing opportunities and helping me grow as a performer. I am so blessed to have met so many amazing people. I’m looking forward to making many more memories, and being a part of more awesome shows!






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