CAST LIST: Matilda

Congratulations to the cast of Matilda! Our production team was so impressed with the talent that came out to audition. This show is going to be amazing with lots of magic and energy. We can’t wait to get started! Please check the entire list as your name might be in multiple places.

If you were NOT cast: Unfortunately we were unable to cast everybody. We truly thank you for coming out and sharing your talent with us. Please don’t be discouraged! There are so many other opportunities at our studio to continue working on your craft and we hope to see you at our next audition.

If you were cast: We’re so excited to work with you! Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday, February 25th from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Its time to get to work! Please bring a pencil. The full rehearsal schedule will be given at the meeting. There will be a mandatory parent & performer meeting at 8:00pm that same day after rehearsal. 

Payment: A tuition payment of $350 is due. Performers who have not paid in full or set up a payment plan through our website by March 3rd will have a $75 late fee added to their accounts. 

***Please click here to be taken to our payment page***