Mark Vavra

Mark Vavra is a recent addition to the Spotlight team, and cannot wait to get started!  He comes from a small town in the middle of Nebraska where he has been performing since he was born and teaching since he was 12. In his small town, there wasn’t much to do, so he did every activity he could think of from musicals to football, to swimming, to band, to speech. Phew! He tried to do it all and loved every moment of it! After graduating, he got the amazing opportunity to attend the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts with whom he had the privilege of teaching thousands of students ranging in ages 3 to 80 while traveling all around the world. Since then, he has landed here in Southern California and has the pleasure of working at the Disneyland Resort as a Guest Talent Coordinator and a Youth Education Facilitator. But most importantly, he is excited to start working with you!!