Bert Fulton

Born and raised with southern roots, Bert has a passion for storytelling through dance, music, and the art of immersing yourself in the environment and personality of other human beings’ life experiences. While attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he had the honor of working with dedicated and award winning directors, choreographers, and TV Personalities and over the years and has become well diversed in multiple genres and disciplines of theater, print, and film, with his favorite being Improvisation, Shakespeare, Puppetry, and Musical Theater. Beyond the stage, Bert has had the opportunity to perform in commercials, special televised events, and movies with companies such as The Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox, and the NFL. For 17 years, Bert has directed and choreographed for multiple non-profit theater programs and understands the importance of mentorship and guidance for all young artists. There is no better time to inspire an actor and dancer than when they are curious about how they can use theater to express themselves. Bert also has served as a Cast Member for 16 years at The Disneyland Resort where he cultivates educational programs, coordinates visiting performing art programs and special events. Lastly, he is working towards his next degree in Organizational Leadership with the emphasis on Strategic Innovation, while finishing writing his first book. Learning is part of our journey here on Earth and we owe it to ourselves to become good at it. Thank you to the tribe at Yorba Linda Spotlight for continuing to be welcoming and passionate.