Bert Fulton

Born and raised with southern roots, Bert has a passion for storytelling through dance, music, and the art of immersing yourself in the environment and personality of other humans. Flexing his craft since he was 8 years young, Bert has kick-ball-changed, quick changed, and changed keys all across performance venues and production companies in California. His most memorable performance opportunities have been with the Candlelight Pavilion and the Disneyland Resort, due to their rich legacy in providing top notch entertainment and family like atmosphere.  Being well diverse in musical theater, print, and film, Bert understands the importance of mentorship and guidance for all young artists. There is not better time to inspire an actor and dancer then when they are curious about how they can use theater to express themselves. Bert has spent the past 14 years directing and choreographing at non-profits and developing and training educational programs at the Disney Youth Education Series. Currently he is working towards his degree in Organizational Leadership and writing his first book. Thank you to the tribe at Yorba Linda Spotlight for inviting me into their home.